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Thursday, July 5th 2012

8:16 AM

Nymphet manga download


Related article: Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 08:17:59 -0400 From: Jase Jason Subject: Christian's Induction III - Part Twenty OneCHRISTIAN'S INDUCTION IIIUsual disclaimers apply. This is a work of fiction.All rights reserved by the author. If you are underage, nymphet butts object to gay erotic fiction, or it's illegal where you are, please leave now.Part Twenty one. Randy, who was not above making promises or commitments when necessary, and then almost immediately forgetting about them, decided that he had better try to arrange for Matt to get laid the following weekend. Matt had come through with his side of the bargain in respect of the holiday weekend and, although Randy might have normally prevaricated over his promise until Matt gave up on the matter, he had unfinished business with Chris and decided that he had better pander to Matt's wants. He had already received a call from Matt reminding him of his promise.He had not been entirely truthful about Maisie and she was by no means the slut he had made out. It was true that he had fucked her one night after a party but she did not routinely put out. But Randy was adept at picking up on small give-away signs and had sensed that Maisie had found Matt attractive. He had caught her giving him the once over fotos nymphets during her attempts to project her boredom with them both.He arranged to meet her for coffee one afternoon at the Mall and the waiter who had served them the previous time made no effort to hide his irritation that Randy had selected one of his tables. She was looking really good Randy thought and he enjoyed the fact that his companion attracted stares from passers by.They made the usual small talk and eventually Randy asked her as if in passing what she had thought of nymphet nude free pics Matt."Seems like a nice kid." Maisie opined. "Unfortunately a little young for me though." she laughed."He sure looks that way but in fact he's just turned eighteen." Randy lied."No kidding!" Maisie sounded quite interested in the fact."Yeah. He's kept his youthful looks and it kinda pisses him off as it restricts his interaction with the chicks. He'd kill me if he knew I told you, but he thought you were gorgeous. His exact words." Randy laughed. Maisie managed to blush but there was no denying her interest. "What's nymphets gallery pre more," Randy added, "he's still carrying around the burden of his virginity."Maisie smiled and said "Awww, sweet."Randy arranged to meet up with Maisie that evening for an early movie and when they exited suggested that they go around to Matt for a chat and maybe to watch a little TV. Randy informed her that Matt always managed to filch a coupla beers from the basement fridge, so it might be quite pleasant. She agreed without complaint.Earlier that afternoon Randy had called Matt and informed him of the plan and told him he better be ready to charm Maisie. Whether or not he managed to get laid was up to him, Randy informed him. "I can't do any more than deliver her to your bedroom." he laughed.When Randy and Maisie arrived that night, Matt rushed downstairs to meet them before they rang the front galleries nymphet doorbell and accompanied them up to his room via the back stairs. "I don't wanna wake my old man," he lied, "he gets up early for work." They settled down to have a beer and were having quite a pleasant time. Randy then said he was gonna look in on Chris and left Matt and Maisie to their own devices.Chris had been informed by Matt, on pain of death, to keep out of the way and Chris wasn't surprised to see Randy. "Hiya Randy" he greeted. "Who's this Maisie chick Matt told me about.""Nice girl dude." Randy replied. "I thought she and Matt would make a good couple.""Cindy will be pleased to hear that." said Chris.Randy informed Chris he had promised to leave Matt and Maisie alone as Matt was gonna try to bed her."Fat chance." was Chris's opinion."So Chris, I hope you enjoyed the weekend at Nate's place. I certainly did.""Yeah I did Randy. Kinda tiring though huh?" Chris laughed.Randy thought to himself that this faggot was really ripe nice naked nymphets for the picking."You shoulda had another tab of E dude. How did you find it? Good?""Certainly keeps one going." Chris informed Randy, who filed that bit of information away for the future."Yeah, it's known to be a feel-good drug." Randy informed Chris. To himself he thought: Babe next time I'll really get you fuelled up. "I get kinda horned up when I think about the whole thing."Chris noticed that Randy's crotch seemed to be bursting at the seams. "Pity you are otherwise tied up tonite. Maybe we coulda done somethin about it." said Chris."We got time dude. Why not get over here and get me off?"Maisie had been lounging on Matt's bed and when Randy left for Chris's room, Matt got up to turn down the lights and then moved in alongside her. She turned towards him and they kissed hungrily. "Better not babe. Randy may come back.""No he won't." Matt assured her. "And in any galleries nymphet case I locked the door."She felt for his crotch and unzipped him. He helped her by taking out his by now throbbing nymphetsporn dick and she went down on it expertly. Afterwards, however, Matt couldn't help but reflect that his bro gave better head.Maisie was quite voracious in her needs and they were soon both nude on the bed. Maisie felt inside her purse and extracted a condom which she slipped on Matt's dick. He climbed on top of her and entered her, and it wasn't but a few minutes before he shot his load.Afterwards, she told him that she realized that it was his first time and was therefore concerned for his own pleasure, but next time they should take their time and please each other more."I'm sorry Maisie," Matt told her. "but I was so fucking horny, I couldn't hold back. If you are prepared to see me again, I promise I'll do better."She raised herself and kissed nymphets picture the tip of his dick licking off a droplet of his cum. "It's no big deal babe. I just hope you enjoyed yourself.""Hell yeah Maisie. You were nymphets land org fantastic. Thanks a million."Matt dressed and went next door and barged into Chris's unlocked room. Chris was on his knees between Randy's legs sucking gently on his semi-erect dick."Did you fuck her dude?" Randy asked. Matt, all smiles, said that yeah he had."Cool," Randy said, simultaneously pushing Chris away, "then let's go and have a last beer. Then we must be on our way."Randy and Matt went back to Matt's room and Chris was left to reflect on the fact that he was really no more than a cum bucket to be used for their pleasure.It became normal procedure for Mark to give Andy a ride home after swim practice. This was surprising in itself but he liked to hear how things were progressing between Andy and Chris. For example, the story regarding the junior high dude, Tom, had boned him up big time. It seemed that Andy was working on Chris at just the right pace.One afternoon Andy asked him to repeat what he had said about using Chris in his basement apartment. Andy explained that in a coupla weeks his mother would be starting a job and that he and his bros were gonna be responsible for maintaining their living quarters. Andy invited Mark up to take a gander and to have a soda.Mark saw that their living space was not all that spacious but it did have the advantage of being detached from the main house, a major plus in his book. Andy explained that he was wondering whether he could get to use Chris as Mark had."Jesus, yeah, man." was Mark's opinion. "A servant is just what you need in this case and, if you play your cards right, Chris would fit the bill perfectly.""The trouble is dude," explained Andy, "there are three of us. My younger bro Pauly is also using Chris but George is only twelve and that could be a complication. He knows what's going on roughly but I don't want his presence fucking up matters.""Andy," explained Mark, "you gotta understand that you are putting in place a situation where you are the nymphets pretens xxx boss. If there are three guys to service, then that is what Chris will have to adapt to. He will not have any say in the matter.""You think?" asked Andy."Fuck yeah man. You are gonna be the main man and Chrissie boy is gonna have to adapt. He already has the right mentality and, if you just say this is what is gonna happen, he'll come to heel. Believe me."Andy explained: "What I got in mind is that he nymphet nude under 8 should come directly here after school and do his stuff. That means cleaning both bedrooms, making the beds, putting stuff super cute nymphet away, and so on. My two bros are bigger slobs than me." They had a laugh at that. "And, of course, scrubbing and cleaning up the bathroom and toilet. That's the main priority for me. Pauly and George are typical nymphets jpeg young teenagers and make a huge mess in there.""No problem dude." Mark assured Andy. "He's well trained in that regard. When he was servicing my apartment he always started there, cleaning and scrubbing the tub, shower cubicle and toilet. Then he would wipe down the floor. No doubt your bros piss all over the place; he's well trained to look after that.""So, Mark, you think I should go for it. Go the whole hog as it were?""Don't hesitate dude. Don't ask him; tell him this is how it's gonna be. By the way, when we are russian nymphets bbs at swim practice for example, will Pauly or George be here after school?""Yup, no problem.""Cool. Go for it man."Andy resolved to speak with Chris the next day after school. He nymphet nude under 8 was really pleased he had had the chance to chat with Mark and to obtain his advice. To be continued.....Comments welcome.
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Thursday, July 5th 2012

12:00 AM

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